4 Ways To Drive More Value From Your Recovery Audit

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4 Ways To Drive More Value From Your Recovery Audit

    1. Accelerate Reviews – Leverage your current recovery audit  and get more out of what you’ve been doing for years by moving to near real time detection and correction. When you move to monthly audit reviews everyone can focus on today’s business instead of last year’s mistakes and improves the experience for all stakeholders, finance, merchants and vendors alike.
    1. Bring your audit in house to reduce the cost of recovery – Get the audit tools, training and data support services for your team to outperform the pros and save a boatload of money as well.  Learn how Tops Markets used these tools to become so effective that the external primary audit firm recently resigned after several years of virtually no findings.
    1. Get access to prepared datasets –  With your move to near real-time reviews you get the ability to gain access to near real-time assimilated P-2-P transaction data which can be repurposed to a variety of new value channels like ad hoc queries and research.
    1. Get visibility to supplier trade funds – Give your merchants a real negotiating advantage through visibility to supplier trade funds and on-demand vendor scorecards by leveraging the repurposed data.

You call the shots on recovery audit and we would like to help you understand how you can drive more value from your recovery audit.  To learn more, drop us a replay and we will set up a short chat and if desired a complete system demonstration from recovery audit through our TradeView™ Analytics applications.

About Audit Technology Group LLC – Audit Technology group is a cloud based purchase transaction science company that’s thinking bigger about recovery auditing. We specialize in near real-time payment error detection and correction, business intelligence and analytics solutions serving retail and retail grocery within the fortune 1000.

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