Enable your internal recovery audit team with…

ATG-Advantage cloud based audit tools, data preparation, training and support to optimize recovery and reduce cost.  All iterative commodity tasks are automated so auditors focus on auditing resulting in higher average recovery per auditor workday.  There is no wasted time on things like cutting and pasting information into claim forms.  We have conducted side by side comparisons of competitor tools with internal audit teams and every time come up the hands down winner on both effectiveness and efficiency.  If you are now using another tool, take the challenge and compare it to ATG-Advantage™ to experience greater productivity while at the same time improving accuracy.  There is no reason why you can’t get 90% or more of the recovery in-house with these tools.  The Tops Markets internal recovery audit team using ATG-Advantage™ demonstrates a 98% of total recovery by the internal team — only 2% was recovered by the external primary audit service provider.

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Here is how we on-board a new client:

A.) Establish data feeds:

  1. We assess the transaction data environment.  For example, for a retail grocery company this would include data tables from paid history, accounts receivable, purchase order, receiving, scan, deals, cost history, item attributes, etc.
  2. We establish efficient data feeds using scheduled secure file transfer protocol (SFTP) that virtually eliminates ongoing burden on your IT group.
  3. We apply our unique automated data assimilation methods to refresh the data warehouse on a scheduled cycle.

B.) Establish Audit Routines:

  1. Understand established audit guidelines and if needed, develop based on industry standards and client business rules
  2. Determine all audit routines to be deployed based on data available and audit guidelines
  3. Customize algorithms for each audit routine to match audit guidelines
  4. Pressure test each routine against live data and adjust as needed

C.) Training and Support

  1. Audit tools application training:  eRecover™, the web audit tool and eResolve™,  the claim administration portal
  2. Audit routines training – onboard each audit routine with team members
  3. Review work product to determine areas that require additional training
  4. Ongoing training and support as needed with heavy emphasis on right now web meetings for collaborative sessions with screen sharing

D.) Performance Monitoring

  1. Review of on-demand system generated team performance to identify any needed adjustments to audit routines or remedial training
  2. Scheduled team web meetings to identify issues and opportunities
  3. Evaluation of external recovery audit findings for benchmarking and gap analysis and recommendations
  4. Benchmarking to industry along with gap analysis and recommendations

What are you waiting for?  Go to the contact button on the bottom right of your screen to schedule a demonstration of these best in class audit tools.  Oh, and did we mention that you will accelerate recovery improving use of capital and at the same time improve the experience for your merchants and vendors alike?

Watch the Tops Markets Internal Team Case Study Below.