“Providing recovery audit, business intelligence and analytics solutions to ensure clients get what was negotiated.  “ATG’s mission is to protect and enhance client profit margin. We drive client value and demonstrate industry leadership through innovative data assimilation, near real-time error detection and correction, business intelligence and analytics solutions.”

ATG finds and recovers amounts owing from your vendors and does so close to the transaction, optimizing use of cash and helping to identify sources of error for early correction. 

Our data savvy team is highly experienced across all major industries including government.  We work with everything from legacy systems to the full range of commercially available financial systems and enterprise solutions.  In fact, ATG has evolved into a procure-to-pay transaction data science company repurposing data prepared for audit to various types of spend analysis and analytics to help clients improve supply chain efficiency.

Highly engineered data assimilation, audit applications and data hosting provides audit efficiency, effectiveness, competitive fees and industry leading results.   And because we are in the cloud, we can complete all work off site.  We are non-disruptive to IT, finance, procurement and suppliers. 

We provide comprehensive recovery audit scope to find errors related to:

    • Disbursement errors – duplicate, erroneous payments and discount errors
    • Open vendor credits – quarterly vendor statement solicitation, reviews and credit identification and vendor validation
    • Contract compliance reviews – wrong price, tiered price, missed rebates and allowances, accounting for returns, price protection, volume purchase agreements, etc.
    • Escheatment – making sure we find it before the state takes it
    • Taxes paid on exempt items.

You determine the preferred audit timing.  We can accommodate anything from retrospective audits to continuous go forward error detection and correction close to the transaction

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