ATG Offers Its Recovery Audit Solution to Internal Audit Teams

Chicago IL, August 25, 2011 – Audit Technology Group LLC (ATG) will begin promoting ATG-Advantage to the retail sector today.   ATG-Advantage™ is a two-prong program to empower a company’s internal recovery audit team to achieve the lowest cost.  ATG provides the preparation and hosting of client data, then trains the staff to use ATG’s eRecover and eResolve web application audit tools.  The end-to-end recovery process provides the client team the ability to find virtually all amounts owed from vendors and generates the correcting documents in near real-time.

“After the success of ATG-Advantage™ in the grocery sector, we are now ready to expand this service offering into the larger mass retail marketplace,” says ATG President Vince Creadon. “ATG-Advantage™ allows internal recovery audit teams to retain the level of control that some clients prefer, with technology that helps identify recoveries more accurately and efficiently.  With clients having the ability to run the process more frequently, recoveries occur closer to the original transaction date which benefits vendor relations. As we like to say, ‘everyone wins when you get it right sooner’.”

“ATG-Advantage™ achieved some unprecedented results in the grocery sector,” reports Jack Martin, ATG’s EVP, Audit Operations for the eastern United States. “One northeastern grocery chain realized more internal recovery in the first year of application than what was historically realized by outside professional recovery audit service providers.  It has cut both the time and the cost of their recovery in half.”

About ATG-Advantage™

Bringing the recovery audit process in-house achieves the lowest possible cost of recovery. ATG-Advantage™ is ATG’s service option for use by clients’ internal staff.   It provides ATG data preparation and hosting along with deployment of its eRecover™ and eResolve™ web audit tools.  ATG provides training and support to ensure the optimum performance of the client team. ATG is readily available, as needed, to augment a client’s staff when additional resources are required.

The ATG team conducts a one-time setup to convert, analyze and reconfigure the transaction data tables for migration into its audit tools.  ATG establishes audit routines based on the supporting data. Each audit routine is codified and then accessed through a series of drop-down menus within eRecover™.

After each client audit routine is refined and tested, ATG trains the client staff to maximize ATG-Advantage’s uses and applications. ATG has incorporated links within ATG-Advantage™ to access video tutorials for easy reference when needed.

Clients transfer their data via secure FTP monthly or on another scheduled interval. When received, the data sets are systematically and securely appended into a relational database using pre-configured scripts.

ATG-Advantage™ offers virtually no risk for implementers.  Existing recovery audit service providers can remain in place as a safety net until their recovery results become negligible.

About Audit Technology Group LLC

Since 2004, the Audit Technology Group has provided recovery audit services to retailers and grocers across the United States.  ATG’s objective is to transform recovery auditing from a legacy post-annual process to a near real-time solution that improves the overall experience for all stakeholders.  ATG is headquartered in Chicago IL.  For more information, visit

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