Chuck Andrade, Industry Veteran Joins ATG To Lead Shared Services Center

People behind the technology make the statement audit process work and nobody knows statement auditing like Chuck Andrade, who now leads ATG’s Shared Services division.  Chuck brings 17 years of commercial and retail statement auditing experience to the ATG team.  He is recognized as a subject matter expert in the areas of statement and disbursement auditing as well as escheatment avoidance.  Most recently, Chuck was Director of Operations for PRGX from 1999 until 2013.  His statement audit management experience coupled with advanced technology provides an even greater value for our clients.

eReconcile™  is a fully electronic statement audit process.  We deliver validated credits ready for deduction with no additional effort by the client required as part of our comprehensive recovery audit service.  The paperless process provides fast turnaround from statement request to claim generation.  A client unique vendor portal is included for statement submission and vendor research of AP and AR transactions.  This added value to vendors increases statement submission response rates and the related identified credits over traditional statement solicitation methods.  Research capability provided to vendors through the portal reduces associated client correspondence expense.  We incorporate a ticket system for any further help needed by vendors.   Lastly, clients benefit from on-line reports including identified vendor master file discrepancies to be corrected.

Ask yourself the following questions to see if it is time to think of a different approach to your statement audit.  Are you tired of researching lists of prospective open credits submitted by a statement audit provider?  Would you like online, real time reporting and delivery of fully validated credits ready for deduction?  Do you want to reduce vendor correspondence labor?   Do you need to have your vendor master file cleansed as well?   If the answer is yes to any of these questions, learn how ATG’s electronic statement audit solicitation, review and validation processes coupled with a vendor portal provides the most added value at the lowest cost.