Chuck Andrade

Chuck Andrade brings 19 years of commercial and retail auditing experience to the ATG team. Chuck is recognized as a subject matter expert in the areas of duplicate payment and statement auditing as well as escheatment avoidance.  Chuck’s vendor outreach teams are known for their diligence, attention to detail, and vendor relation skills.  Chuck’s team know recoveries are important, but maintaining positive vendor/client relations by minimizing vendor abrasion is key.

Chuck was Director of Operations for PRGX from 1999 until 2013.  He was instrumental to creating and developing the statement audit process which remains in effect today.  Chuck has lead more than 100 unique recovery efforts including duplicate payments, statements, and escheatment avoidance, as well as many fee-based vendor outreach assignments.

Prior to joining ATG Chuck worked as a Regional Investigator for a large retail chain investigating fraud and working with various law enforcement agencies to reach meaningful resolutions.  This background brings a unique perspective of forensic data review to our industry.

Chuck is a motorcycle and boating enthusiast who resides with his wife in Northern Florida.

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