Client Access to Data Warehouse for Ad Hoc Research

ATG is a cloud based purchasing transaction science company.  A wonderful side benefit of our approach is the ability to re-purpose the configured near real-time procure-to-pay transaction data warehouse built for each client to other value channels.  We help many client AP Managers to satisfying basic intercompany information requests by providing them access to the data warehouse through a specialized query application.  For example, a request from the legal department for a listing of all transactions from Vendor X between certain date ranges in support of a legal proceeding may take an inordinate amount of staff time to research, but be resolved in a matter of seconds through access to the cloud based transaction data warehouse with our provided application.

We are unique in that we both develop a near real-time purchasing transaction data warehouse and provide our clients access to eliminate pain points not associated with our core services through access to the data warehouse.  We also provide cost effective custom work around solutions to fulfill unique client data access needs.  For example, one client has a low invoice match rate for Fintech alcoholic beverage distributor invoices resulting in high labor cost.  We were able to dramatically improve invoice match rates and streamline the reconciliation research process for the few remaining unmatched invoices through a customized application accessing the data warehouse.

Think about all of the different ways you could benefit from access to a fully configured, near-real time transaction data warehouse to fulfill your objectives.  We built our methodology for our recovery audits, but keep finding more and more tangential value for client on-demand access to their own data without any IT support.