Data Warehouse & Hosting Services

ATG is a purchasing transaction science company providing cloud based recovery audit, business intelligence and analytics solutions and services.  The common denominator of our solutions is a transaction data warehouse built and hosted for each client.  As part of on-boarding a new client we quickly understand the procure-to-pay environment  and implement efficient, repeatable, scheduled data feeds through secure file transfer protocols (SFTP) to mitigate any ongoing burden to client IT departments.  Our automated data librarian tabulates receipt of all schedule data transmissions from each client, and when complete, triggers automated data assimilation.  The configured data is then appended to the unique client data warehouse.

This methodology is unique to ATG enabling both our cloud based near real-time monthly recovery audits and on-demand business intelligence and analytics applications.  Because of the repeatable, scheduled nature of the data feeds, our process eliminates IT events to refresh data as it all happens automatically in the background as production tasks, unless there is a system change, in which case the process is retrofitted to the new data structure.

We believe our unique data warehouse and hosting optimizes all of our services because of the consistently refreshed data enabling on-demand access to near real-time transaction data for all of our value channels.

To experience for yourself how our cloud based transaction data warehouse methodology can grow your recovery audit value, go to the red contact button on the bottom right of your screen to schedule a system demonstration.

Watch the Could Based Data Assimilation Video Below.