Fact Based Negotiations

One Version of the Truth

  • Data driven insights guide negotiating strategies and provide one version of the truth for both grocers and manufacturers to collaborate around. 

  • How do your vendors stack up against each other? vendors with disproportionate trade fund trends are immediately visible and identified as negotiating opportunities. 

  • On-demand access to vendor key performance indicators including comparative benchmarking and gap analysis within each company and across all other program participants provides visibility

  • Vendor Score Cards with sales, purchases, margin, margin contribution, comparisons to other sub category vendors, fill rates, funding, gross to net comparisons and more…

  • P&L’s by vendor including deconstruction of all trade funds by type

  • Category analysis, benchmarking and gap analysis including comparisons of vendors participating in like categories

  • Benchmark vendor performance, trade funds and net cost over any selected prior period and benchmark against vendors participating in like categories.

  • Comparative benchmark across all other program participants at all performance levels down to dead net item cost in compliance with all SEC guidelines including data aggregation by 3rd party, at least 5 unidentified participants, and comparisons based on transaction data at least 90 days old.
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