No Cost Analysis

Can your organization benefit from advanced recovery audit, business intelligence and analytics?

Find out with our no-cost analysis…

ATG professionals take the time to understand and evaluate your environment, procure-to-pay systems, and preferences to determine the on-boarding requirements and  benefits.  We leverage web meetings to accelerate the process where possible.  The typical on-boarding steps include:

      • Introductory meeting with sponsor for background, objectives and defining additional contacts
      • Meeting with designated IT contact(s) to identify major procure-to-pay systems, available data tables and set-up of automated data feeds via secure FTP
      • Meeting with designated procurement/merchandising contact(s) to discuss past and future audit guidelines

ATG applies its wide experience and knowledge of the full range of legacy, common, and ERP solutions in use today in our discovery process. We rapidly determine how to design a program around the data available to establish efficient, frequent data feeds via secure FTP.  As an outcome of the web meetings we will be able to:

      • Estimate one-time onboarding time and expense to write the code required to automate monthly data assimilation
      • Determine the audit routines to be used based on available data business rules

Within a week of completing our interviews, ATG will present our professional recommendations, program design, benefits, and options.  We will follow with pricing based on your preferences.

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