Detect and Correct Payment Errors Close to the Transaction

Audit Technology Group has been listening to clients, reinvesting profits and forging recovery audit tools into faster, more business friendly profit recovery.

Why Detection & Correction?

We are driving a stake into the heart of the old pay and chase recovery audit model. Our near real-time overpayment detection & correction makes it easier for your vendors to do business with you.  Vendor overpayments are detected close to the transaction and corrections become normal adjustments.   It puts your money back to work sooner and finance, merchants and vendors alike can all focus on today’s business rather than last year’s mistakes.

How Does Detection & Correction Work? 

The process begins with systematic data transmission to ATG no less frequently than monthly. Data is assimilated and appended to each client data warehouse for access by our cloud based audit tools. Other downstream value channel applications utilize this same transaction data for on-demand access to vendor performance and other metrics to drive fact based vendor negotiations.

What Is This Detection & Correction Methodology?

It’s called RecoverNOW™ – Near real-time recovery auditing available only from Audit Technology Group.  RecoverNow™ finds and recovers more money and makes you a better trading partner.

Watch the RecoverNOW™ video below.