ATG is a cloud based purchasing transaction science company providing recovery audit, business intelligence and analytics solutions and services.  We provide services to the Fortune 1000, but our roots are in the highly complex retail grocery industry and we serve a large mix of regional grocery chains in the U.S.

Key elements of our service options include: 

  • First, we offer audit cycle timing options geared to client data quality and preferences ranging from conventional post annual reviews up to and including monthly, ongoing, near real-time audit reviews
  • Second, we provide clients the option to reduce the cost of recovery with tools and support for their internal recovery audit teams including data preparation and cloud based audit tools  for optimum performance. 
  • Third, we provide the option to identify and recovery open vendor credits as part of the audit scope through our statement audit process. 
  • Fourth, we provide client access to the cloud based transaction data warehouse we build in support of each audit through our web applications for:  standard and custom queries and reports;  business intelligence and analytics including visibility to all supplier trade funds to empower client teams with actionable information to improve supplier negotiations; and, vendor self-service transaction research portals to improve service while saving labor.  All of these service options are detailed in tabs in this section.

Cloud RecoverNow

Cloud eRecover

Cloud Analytics

Cloud eResolve

Cloud reconcile