ATG is a cloud based purchasing transaction science company providing recovery audit, business intelligence and analytics solutions and services.   Technology is our middle name and we fully leverage the power of the internet to leverage the power of our suite of web applications to access client unique near real-time transaction data warehouses for both recovery audit and analytics.  Our solutions are built for use by both ATG and client teams.

Our approach to regularly scheduled client transaction data feeds, coupled with ongoing automated data assimilation refreshes client unique data warehouses enabling on-demand access to near real-time data through our web applications.  This makes our approach both unique and best in class.  We are truly thinking bigger about recovery auditing by providing ever greater value channels beyond audit recovery through business intelligence and analytics solutions.

See for yourself how our client unique, cloud based transaction data warehouse structure can provide more recovery audit value than you ever thought possible. Go to the red tab on the bottom right of your screen to schedule a live demonstration.