"TradeView Analytics™ has fundamentally changed how we approach Joint Business Planning with the information available in a very short period of time. The ability to quickly access dead-net costing and better understand trade rates at the supplier/category level along with ability to perform gap analysis across the user group has provided our merchandising teams visibility to information that has strengthened our negotiation position across key suppliers. Each Joint Business Planning meeting now incorporates these findings into our supplier discussions and is already unlocking real improvement in results through our ability to hold suppliers accountable to delivering on our fair share of trade investment."

- Tim Horton | Vice President Center Store, Schnucks Markets

"ATG's solution helps companies be better performers and it also helps retailers hold suppliers more accountable. The beauty is it presents the key decision points in a summarized format to help us make the decision. Quickly we can see if a vendor is supporting our business growth or not."

- John Franklin | Sr. VP of Finance, Brookshire Grocery Co

"The TradeView Analytics™ tool has helped deconstruct what is often a difficult number to get to and validate; providing clear, accurate and quick visibility into our vendor trade funds. Utilizing the tool arms us with more information surrounding the level and use of funding than the first point of contact with many of our vendor partners can articulate. It allows us to hold our vendor partners accountable to ensure we get our fair share not only based on our purchases and historical funding, but also in comparison to our share group and between vendor partners."

- Justin Leazer | Director of Center Store, Schnucks Markets

"By providing a more holistic view of our trade performance, TradeView Analytics™ has helped us engage with our vendors in a more meaningful way. My team has a better understanding of our fair share of funding among our peers, quickly identifying our opportunities and using that knowledge to recognize our vendor partners’ existing support, while building strategies that ensure profitable sales growth for both."

- Richard Gunn | SVP, Merchandising & Marketing, Weis

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