Purchase & Payment Transaction Analytics

Visibility to supplier trade funds powers merchants with supplier negotiating positions to drive margin.

TradeView Analytics™ is a web application delivering retailers structured views and reports on vendor performance to surface negotiating opportunities using near real-time P-2-P transaction data from many disparate client systems assimilated and hosted by ATG.  Key vendor performance indicators are tracked with benchmarking and gap analysis to surface and prioritize specific vendor asks and points of negotiation to drive margin.  TradeView Analytics™ and the eRecover™ audit tool applications use common hosted data.  The data on-boarding cost for TradeView Analytics™ is covered in the recovery audit fees for all audit clients.

ATG has become a retail purchasing transaction science company through development of TradeView Analytics™.  Recovery audit ensures retailers get what was negotiated — TradeView Analytics™ provides insights to new negotiating positions to improve purchasing effectiveness.  Recovery auditing was our foundation, but  it is TradeView Analytics™ propelling growth due to the larger relative value. 

For example, vendors with disproportionate trade fund trends are immediately visible and identified as a negotiating opportunities.  Trends, benchmarking and gap analysis on the key performance indicators are rolled up into vendor score cards, while detailed analysis can be performed at the item, sub-category, category and department levels along with performance comparisons between vendors participating in like categories.  The category / item parent child relationship is based on your unique structure.

Structured on-demand views and reports include:

    • Views to vendor trade fund history by type down to item level with item dead net cost
    • Views to trade fund gross to net comparisons rolled up to any level or by vendor by item, sub-category, category, department, and company
    • Benchmarking and gap analysis between vendors participating in like categories
    • Views and reports for vendor score cards with sales, purchases, margin, margin contribution, comparisons to other vendors participating in sub categories, fill rates, funding and gross to net comparisons and more…
    • Option to roll up subsidiary companies into mega vendor master view score cards

History:  The TradeView Analytics™ technology is based on ATG’s application architecture and client data assimilation, aggregation and hosting methodology.  A complete range of structured performance reports including sales, profit, cost of goods, trade funds, assortment, promotion, vendor and category score cards are available on-demand from the item level up.  This includes item net cost and trade rates at the item, category, department, and total vendor levels along with summarized data driven insights.  Report designs are based on input from The Partnering Group, a retail/manufacturer consultancy and client merchant advisory counsel participants. 

In February of 2015 a 50/50 joint venture was formed with Topco Associates, a $16 billion cooperative with $160 billion in combined member retail sales.  ATG provides recovery audit services to the largest block of Topco Members as well as to Topco Associates LLC.  This Topco JV has propelled program development investment.  TradeView Analytics™ implementation is now underway at eight U.S. regional grocery chains.  We anticipate case studies towards the end of 2016. 

If you are a retailer without visibility to item dead net cost, we should talk.  We are happy to put you in touch with users and demonstrate the application for your merchandising group.

Watch the TradeView Analytics™ video Below.