TradeView Analytics™

Are You Getting Your Fair Share of Trade Funds?

See Your Net Cost & Benchmark Across Industry. 

How Does TradeView Improve Business?

  • You can’t manage what you can’t measure
  • Retailers historically depend on manufacturer data creating a negotiating disadvantage
  • Comparing vendor performance in like categories opens eyes to opportunity
  • Monthly data refreshment tracks negotiated outcomes enhancing accountability
  • Improved collaboration for win-win strategies and weeding out low performing vendors

On-Demand Visibility to Vendor Performance Focuses Negotiations

  • Ensure your fair share of trade funds
  • Collaborate with manufacturers around “one version of the truth”
  • Clear visibility to those supporting your business and those who are not
  • Prioritized negotiation opportunities
  • Data driven negotiation scenarios
  • On-demand reporting – refreshed monthly

Benchmarking & Gap Analysis Across Industry

  • Benchmark trade rates, net cost and other performance indices across the user group to identify performance gaps

What Does TradeView Measure?

  • KPI visibility at Vendor, Manufacturer, Department, Category, Sub Category, Brand and Item levels
  • All KPI’s benchmarked across two years plus current YTD
  • All KPI’s benchmarked across industry – other program participants
  • KPI’s include:
    • Sales

    • Gross and net purchases

    • Trade Funds

    • Trade Rates

    • Breakout by Trade Fund type (30 + KPI's mapped to purchase based, performance based, lump sum trade dollars)

    • Cash discount

    • COGS

    • Profit / Margin

    • Unit sales, retail, net cost, penny profit

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