Brookshire Holding’s Kevin Albritton and Topco’s Steve Schmitchel discuss the value of TradeView Analytics.  

Kevin Albritton, Brookshire Holding’s Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing, shared the stage with Steve Schmitchel, Vice President, Program Management, Indirect Spend, and spoke about Topco’s new partnership with Audit Technology Group (ATG). Topco recently entered into a joint venture with ATG to provide members with a new solution – TradeView Analytics. TradeView™ Analytics leverages detailed transaction data to provide supplier and item level visibility into trade funds providing a true picture of net costs. This information can easily be viewed at a supplier, category or department level, providing the needed transparency for improved supplier negotiations. 

While Topco has worked with ATG for years, the specific TradeView™ opportunity was introduced to Topco by Brookshire Grocery Co. Albritton had this to say about the benefits TradeView™ can provide the Brookshire merchants through grocery-specific supplier scorecards, “these scorecards could be used to compare suppliers within a category and to evaluate year-over-year trending of supplier trade funds and margin. Instead of relying on supplier provided information, they would be able to enter with more relevant data and clear view of negotiating goals.” He continued by speaking about the importance of pursuing this opportunity through Topco, “we think the greatest value may be derived through benchmarking as more members participate. And this was why we felt the opportunity was best pursued through Topco.” 

Schmitchel closed by highlighting how the greatest value may be derived through benchmarking as more members participate, “The opportunity is to provide each of you with greater visibility into supplier tradefunds, improved supplier scorecards, as well as comparative benchmarks across the membership to drive optimal supplier negotiations.” To be one of the first five members to gain access to this significant opportunity, please contact Steve Schmitchel at 781-926-6030 or